1931 Cordova Road, #3020
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33316
T (954) 406-8549

How we work with you
  • ONE
    Request for Assistance.
    Contact us and let us know generally how you think you might need assistance. We will respond promptly to set up an exploratory meeting to discuss your areas of need.
  • TWO
    Exploratory Meeting
    NESC of South Florida consultants will meet with you free of charge to help you examine your organization's key challenges and to discuss ways that NESC of South Florida could help.
    We’ll provide an outline of a specific project for your approval that details the scope of the work, how the NESC of South Florida team of consultants and your agency will work together and our fees to be charged.
  • FOUR
    Engagement Letter
    The consulting services contract between your organization and NESC of South Florida, based on the Proposal Document. Once the Engagement Letter is signed, the project will start.
  • FIVE
    Assignment of consultants
    NESC of South Florida will assign the project to two or three consultants, well experienced in the disciplines needed to fulfill the project needs. These consultants will remain on the project until completion, issuing a final report of results.