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Become a Consultant or Volunteer

barry-cathyFor men and women who desire to use their extensive skills and experience in a nonprofit setting, NESC of South Florida can offer challenging and meaningful projects across a diversity of sectors.

NESC screens prospective consultants thoroughly to ensure that they are an appropriate fit for the nonprofit sector. A fundamental characteristic of a NESC of South Florida successful consultant is his or her ability and willingness to listen to the client.

What This Means for the NESC of South Florida Consultant

NESC of South Florida trains each consultant to enhance his or her capability. Every consultant volunteers his or her talent to a specific project based on their judgment that the project is meaningful, challenging and doable in light of their time constraints.
Every Project Team has a minimum of two consultants to help spread the load, encourage diverse perspectives and ensure that the project will be completed within specified parameters.

Exactly how much time a Consultant dedicates to the NESC of South Florida is determined by that Consultant. Consultants with appropriate skills are advised when a Client engages the NESC of South Florida for a new project and then have the opportunity to request to be considered for the project. An experienced NESC of South Florida manager supervises all consultants.

There is no “typical” NESC of South Florida Consultant. Some have been executives and managers – from CEO’s of large and small organizations, managers in such businesses as banking, real estate, consulting, merchandising, publishing, public relations and advertising. Others have been professionals – lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and social workers. Still others have served with government agencies, educational institutions and, most importantly, nonprofit organizations – as teachers, executive directors, program directors, chief fundraisers, grant writers and controllers.

Most assignments require about one day per week for up to three months; some projects take longer. Much of the initial work, such as fact-finding, is done at the client’s premises. Almost everything else can usually be done at the Consultant’s home or office. Working within a team allows for even greater flexibility as to the allocation of responsibilities within the project.

If you are interested in becoming a NESC of South Florida Consultant please click here to contact us at: volunteer@nesc-southflorida.org or contact our CEO, Joel Greenbaum directly at jgreenbaum@nesc-southflorida.org or by phone at (954) 406-8549.